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Performing Arts

Exam Board - Edexcel Level 3 BTEC

The nature of the course:

A practical and theoretical approach to the world of Performing Arts. This vocational course further develops transferable skills and expects students to understand and demonstrate the role of the performer in a wider, professional context. Students will work practically in groups and individually to develop performance skills in a range of styles that will be showcased to public audiences. The course requires students to research, present, keep a detailed written portfolio and write essays on theoretical aspects of theatre and the work of practitioners.

Students will also be expected to take part in workshops and attend theatre visits as part of the course to develop their knowledge and understanding of theatre.

Course components:

Unit 1: Investigating practitioners work (90hrs) - Year 12 - External

You will research into two practitioners and one theme (all given on your exam paper). You will then write up your findings and links between the practitioner and the theme in a three hour controlled assessment of 2000 words.
Unit 2: Developing skills and techniques for live performance (90hrs) - Year 12 - Internal

- A presentation of the ‘Role of a Performer’.
- Two performances.
- A journal including skills audits, targets and rehearsal logs.
Unit 3: Group performance workshop (120hrs) - Year 13 - External A group performance based on a given stimulus.
Variety Performance: (60hrs) - Year 13 - Internal
- A presentation of the key features of a variety show.
- A variety performance.
- A journal including skills audits, targets and rehearsal logs.

Future pathways:
• Performer
• Acting
• Directing
• Community Arts Worker
• Stage management
• Marketing
• Law
• Drama/music therapy
• Education/Teaching
• Psychology