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The well-being of Junior School pupils is of paramount importance.  We know that happy children succeed, not only academically but also in wider aspects of their school experience. At the most fundamental level our Junior School pupils are made welcome every day and supervised throughout by members of staff, including at the beginning and end of the school day.

As a small community there is a strong sense of belonging.  Alongside that close-knit community are opportunities for pupils to be part of the wider school, including as representatives on the whole school council and participating in whole school acts of worship. Older students in the school demonstrate the school’s values by looking after Junior School pupils every day.

Rewards are used to encourage the very best behaviour alongside our code of conduct which clearly outlines expectations for pupils, thereby creating a climate in which all can learn.  Any consequence for a pupil due to inappropriate behaviour is used as an opportunity to reinforce our whole school values and parents/carers are involved, working with school for the benefit of the children.

Partnerships with parents/carers are fundamental to pupil success. We encourage parents to support the work of the school and share their views through formal and informal mechanisms, including parent forums and parents’ evenings.  The Head of Junior School is always pleased to discuss any arising matters.

Parents/carers also support the school through fundraising and organising special events for the children.  We are grateful to them for their efforts and for their ongoing support of the Junior School.