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Each week the boy and girl choristers play a pivotal role in the acts of worship in the Cathedral through music making of the highest standard.  They give many hours of their time and in return are developed as the highest quality singers and musicians.  The musical foundation of the cathedral supports the choristers through professional training including voice coaching.

Cathedral choristers can expect, along with the usual pattern of worship, to play an important role in major civic events. Alongside a first class musical education, choristers learn many life skills, including independence, resilience, organisation and determination. They are used to practising for many hours to perfect their music and this is shown to transfer well to diligence with regard to other pursuits, including academic studies. Some choristers move into professional music but many others successfully pursue other goals, having learnt a great deal through their time in the choir.  In recent years choristers have gone on to become broadcasters, opera singers, attend Oxbridge Universities and successfully embark on careers in wider professions.

Chorister Auditions take place for children in current Year 2 who wish to enter the Cathedral Choir the following September. At this short and friendly audition, prospective choristers will be asked to sing some simple vocal exercises, repeat notes played on the piano, clap back rhythms, and sing back both notes of a two-note chord. If they have a favourite song, they are welcome to bring it and sing it to us.

A successful audition will result in an offer being made from the Cathedral. This offer is conditional on accepting a place in the Minster School Junior School. The Junior School’s admissions process is separate from the Cathedral’s, and is in no way affected by a chorister offer form the Cathedral.

To find out more about life as a chorister visit the Southwell Minster website or contact the Rector Chori, Paul Provost

Come and try out chorister life at the annual choir open day in November each year.