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Extra curricular opportunities

As a school we strongly believe in the importance of allowing students wider opportunities to engage with learning as a part of our desire to have abroad and balanced curriculum that has both depth and specialism at its heart. These opportunities also encourage students to be open-minded and to broaden their horizons. At the heart of our school is a desire to engender a true love of learning and a passion for individual subjects and learning as a whole. 

As a school we are passionate about running extra curricular visits across year groups. These range from international residential trips to day visits to local places. These visits are an integral part of our curriculum and our desire to immerse students in their studies and engender a love of learning. In recent years we have been limited by COVID restrictions but this year we have been delighted to bring back some of our planned visits. See below for details of planned visits.

We also run in school educational days such as Humanities day, STEAM days and Languages days which aim to deepen and enrich what is taught in the classroom.

Alongside this we run regular curriculum groups and activities which are designed to support students in their learning, whether it be focussed on revision or homework support.

Click here to see a current list of support classes running in year 11.

The Minster school has a rich tradition of musical excellence from classical performance in our termly concerts to the ambitious school productions. For more details about this visit the Music departments facebook page via the following link.

Minster School Music Department Facebook

In addition to these we run a wide range of groups and clubs, many of which are listed below. We are also always adding new opportunities based on student feedback.


At The Minster School there are a variety of performance opportunities for students. Information relating to future events and ticket sales can be found on our eventbrite page or our TicketSource page here: The Minster School event tickets from TicketSource.