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The Minster School's Duke of Edinburgh's (DofE) award group is based at the school and is run by a team of dedicated volunteers. For more information regarding the Duke of Edinburgh Award at the Minster School, please contact Alan Dearden on

About the scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme is an exciting programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities designed to stimulate and develop young adults. There are three awards: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. To attain each award participants choose one activity for each of the four sections below. These activities are completed largely in their own time.

The four sections of an award

  • Volunteering: Taking part in an activity to support a voluntary organisation or group. This could include taking part in voluntary training, such as first aid training.
  • Skills: Demonstrating engagement in an activity. This is a very open section covering many hobbies and interests.
  • Physical Recreation: Take part in a regular activity with a focus on health or fitness, such as a sport or other physical activity.
  • Expeditions: Train, plan and complete a journey in the countryside on foot and sleep under canvas.

Gold award

An additional fifth section is required for the Gold award, a Residential Project. This is a purposeful enterprise away from home with people not previously known to the participant. For further details on this or any of the other sections of the award please see the list of activities on the DofE website (

Taking part

The scheme is open to any young person aged 14-25. Students can begin the Bronze Award in Year 9 from the age of 13 1/2, move on to Silver at 14 1/2 and Gold at 16. All Awards must be completed by the time a young person reaches the age of 25.

More information, including the dates of scheduled information evenings in school, can be found in the parent carer handbook or by contacting Alan Dearden.

We would be particularly keen to hear from anybody interested in helping support this fantastic programme by becoming an expedition volunteer leader. E-mail Alan ( ) for further information.