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Mr J Brookes
Pastoral Lead - KS3


Mrs K Crone
Pastoral Lead - KS4

Miss H Sanderson
Year Leader - Year 7

Miss S Batchelor
Year Leader - Year 8

Mrs S Marriott
Year Leader - Year 9

Mr I Roberts
Year Leader - Year 10

Mrs L Kelly
Year Leader - Year 11

Miss L Wilmot
Sixth Form Student Support

Contact Details

If you would like to speak to someone in the pastoral team about your child the best point of contact is usually their tutor or the year group leader. Contact details for the Year Leaders are listed below and on our main contact page.

Year Group Year Leader
Transition (current Year 6) Miss H Sanderson -
Year 7 Miss H Sanderson -
Year 8

Miss S Batchelor -

Year 9

Mrs S Marriott -

Year 10

Mr I Roberts -

Year 11

Mrs L Kelly -

Sixth Form Miss L Wilmot -