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Tutor groups meet every day and are structured by Key Stage. They are often the first port of call when a student needs additional help and support and tutors are a good initial contact for parents and carers.  

Each tutor group consists of students from a mix of year groups across the key stage, years 7-9 and years 10-11. They have their own unique identities and students work with their tutors in many different ways.  All follow the core programme outlined below but many also pursue their own aims including raising awareness of and funds for tutor group causes and charities.

In tutor time students attend acts of worship; explore the theme of the week; participate in a variety of study based and spiritual, moral, social and cultural related activities. Student notices and key information is also given out during tutor time.

Acts of worship and thought for the week are based on a weekly theme which links to our school values, the Christian calendar and other important Biblical concepts. These opportunities to explore issues of belief, faith, morality and social issues are always based on Christian principles but are inclusive so that all students can explore them whether Christian, from another faith or no faith at all.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday
Clumber and Rufford Act of worship Thought for the week Act of worship Activities Notices and reflections
Thoresby and Welbeck Thought for the week Act of worship Activities Act of worship Notices and reflections

Once a half term we have a house week in which activities are structure by house and students attend house-based acts of worship which span years 7 – 11.