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Exam Board - AQA A Level

The nature of the course:

Biology is a course that combines theory and practical work to develop your knowledge and understanding of the natural world. Biology has a scientific foundation and touches on elements within the other two science disciplines (Chemistry and Physics), but also relies on your ability to conduct research, problem-solve and apply your knowledge to different situations. You will study the fundamental principles of Biology throughout the two year course and this information is grouped into 8 sections.
The first 4 are studied in year 12 and the next 4 in year 13. There is a field trip to Perlthorpe in the summer of year 12 and there are 12 required practicals to complete over the two years.

Course components:

Section 1: Biological molecules
Section 2: Cells
Section 3: Organisms exchange substances with their environment
Section 4: Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms Section 5: Energy transfer in and between organisms
Section 6: Organisms respond to changes in their environments
Section 7: Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
Section 8: The control of gene expression
Exams – all exams are at the end of year 13
Paper 1: Covers sections 1-4 : 2 hours – 35%
Paper 2: Covers sections 5-8 : 2 hours – 35%
Paper 3: Covers sections 1-8 : 2 hours – 30%

Future pathways:

Biology A level can lead on to careers in:
• Medicine
• Associated Health Service Careers
• Conservation
• Scientific Research
• Teaching
• Local Government