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Covid-19 Update 16th December 2020

Update regarding confirmed Covid-19 cases

Dear Parents and Carers,

Today we have had further confirmed cases of Covid-19 within the school community. The individuals concerned are two members of staff, a year 8 student and a year 10 student. The two members of staff were not in school for the 48 hours preceding symptoms and consequently there are no close contacts. Close contacts have been identified for the two students and those affected have already been informed of the need to self-isolate.

As we approach the end of term, I understand that you as parents may be concerned. We continue to implement measures to minimise the risk of infection in line with Department for Education guidance and remain open to students in all year groups, except for year 11, that are well and not self-isolating. 

If you child does develop symptoms, then it is important that they seek a test ASAP. They should not attend school, and nor should any members of their household, until the test result has been received. If it is negative then all members of the household can return to school, if it is positive then the household must self-isolate.

Many thanks for your understanding

The Minster School