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General Updates and Y11 and Y13

Information about key workers, free school meals, trips after Easter and year 11 and 13 studies.

Exams and work for years 11 and 13

In light of the announcement yesterday that exams would not take place in May and June, we have been seeking further information about how grades will be assigned.  Our best assessment at present is as follows :

  • GCSE and A Level grades are likely to be assigned using best-estimates provided by schools.
  • These estimates should be evidence based.
  • There is likely to be some moderation of the grades awarded by external examination bodies.
  • If this approach is taken then there would be an appeals process, as there is for exam grades currently.

Over coming weeks teachers will be setting work for year 11 and year 13 students, affording them the opportunity to add to their evidence-base and have the opportunity to show the very best of what they can do.  This is not instead of earlier work completed or being used to assign a grade.  Rather it is to continue our work together to recognise the very best in every student.  A student will not be penalised if work is not submitted, although they won't be adding to the evidence base they already have.  We will be very considerate of students who might not be well at any point.

We have sent an email to all year 11 and year 13 students to tell them more about this.

We do not yet know when or categorically if teachers will be asked to submit grades but believe there is an opportunity to work with students on an ongoing basis in the coming weeks before reaching such a point, should it arise.

Cancellations - trips and events

Sadly we are unable to provide work experience to year 10 this year but we will be considering what other opportunities we might put in place for these students at a later time.  We have also had to take the decision to cancel trips planned between Easter and the May half term.  This includes: year 12 higher education convention; year 11 English Macbeth trip; year 12 Art trip to Somerset House; Duke of Edinburgh expeditions (those scheduled up to May half term at this time).

We will be pursuing reimbursements through our insurers and will be in contact with those affected in due course, which may be some time. Further trips are being kept under rolling review and we will update you on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing provision for children of key workers and vulnerable students

Clarity around those defined by the government as key workers has not yet been forthcoming.  However, in anticipation of that information a survey has been distributed to all families to help us gather as much information as we can.  This has a tight deadline and your prompt response by 10.00am tomorrow would be of terrific help so we can plan our provision which will open on Monday.  We have already contacted some of you who we know will be eligible to benefit from the provision should you wish your children to attend.

Lunches for pupils eligible for Free School Meals

Our catering providers Aspens will be continuing to offer free school meals to all eligible families over the coming weeks.  These will be provided as "lunch hampers" containing lunch ingredients for a week and will be available for collection from school.  Eligible families will be contacted to see if they would like to take up the service.

Tomorrow I will share more on the arrangements for provision for next week.  Please do consider how busy we are but also do not hesitate to contact the school with urgent queries.  Although we are closing to the majority from the end of this week we will continue to be a community together, offering each other support where we can. 

Matthew Parris