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Religious Studies

Exam Board - OCR A Level

The nature of the course:

The Religious Studies; Philosophy, Ethics and Developments in Religious Thought course aims to help you gain knowledge and understanding of the development of Western philosophy from Plato to the present day. You will be encouraged to develop an informed and personal response to a range of philosophical and ethical issues and examine significant social and historical developments in religious thought. The course examines questions of belief and morality in the light of religious teachings. Students will explore religious beliefs, values, teachings and practices that shape religious identity.

Course components:

Unit 1: Philosophy of Religion
Examination worth 33.3%
Unit 2: Religion and Ethics
Examination worth 33.3%
Unit 3: Developments in Religious Thought (Christianity)
Examination worth 33.3%

Future pathways:

Religious Studies A level can lead on to careers in:
• Teaching
• Law
• Medicine
• Journalism