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Exam Board - AQA A Level

The nature of the course:

Physics is interesting, stimulating and intellectually challenging. We will look at matter from the tiniest sub atomic particles, to the vast swirling galaxies at the outermost limits of the universe. Your studies will take you from quarks to quasars, from positrons to pulsars and most other things in between. You will use mathematics to make predictions about the universe, but it won't just be theory. Most subjects will be introduced by practical demonstrations, which you will do for yourself whenever possible. You will see the physics come to life in the laboratory.

Course components:

What does the course involve?
Core content:
Unit 1 - Measurements and their errors Unit 2 - Particles and radiation
Unit 3 - Waves
Unit 4 - Mechanics and materials
Unit 5 - Electricity
Unit 6 - Further mechanics and thermal physics
Unit 7 - Fields and their consequences
Unit 8 - Nuclear physics
Unit 9 - Astrophysics

Future pathways:

Physics A level can lead on to careers in: • Engineering
• Computing
• Medicine
• Scientific research
• Finance
• Business