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Music Technology

Exam Board - Edexcel A Level

The nature of the course:

Music Technology A Level focuses on recording, sequencing and composing music alongside analysing the impact that technology has had throughout the history of popular music. Through the course students will understand a wide range of production techniques as well as developing recording skills to demonstrate and understanding of sound.

In lessons, students combine practical skills and creativity with analytical listening and theoretical understanding to explore new areas of music technology, in order to complete a portfolio of work using Logic Pro. Students learn how to use the recording studio and specialist software and how to manipulate sounds creatively.

Course components:

Recording – 20%
One multi-track recording consisting of a minimum of 7 instruments

Technology-based composition – 20%
One 3 minute composition chosen from 3 briefs set by Pearson. Synthesis and sampling/audio manipulation and creative effects must be used

Listening and analysing – 25%
A listening exam answering questions on music technology production techniques

Producing and analysing – 35%
Written/practical exam involving questions on editing, mixing and production techniques

Future Pathways:

• Sound engineering
• Record producing
• Composing for TV, film or computer games
• Music Technology also supports the pursuit of non music-related careers and combines particularly well with Music, Physics, Media Studies and IT