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Modern Foreign Languages

Exam Board - AQA A Level

The nature of the course:

The A level course in French, German and Spanish focuses on language, culture and society through the study of a range of exciting topics relevant to young people today. You will develop a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research skills and creativity. You will gain cultural insight by analysing a book and film. You will attain a practical skill, in demand in all professions and industries which demonstrates a high level of intellectual ability. The content is suitable for students who wish to progress to employment or to further study, including a modern languages degree.

Course components:

Unit 1: Listening, Reading and Writing Examination worth 50%.
Unit 2: Extended Writing
Examination worth 20%.
Unit 3: Speaking
Oral examination worth 30%

Future pathways:

Modern Foreign Language A level can lead on to careers in:
• Translation
• Interpreting
• Work in multinational teams
• Business
• International posts