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Media Studies

Exam Board - WJEC A Level

The nature of the course:

The A level course provides an excellent introduction to a variety of media texts. Each area has a specific set text, set against other examples from this media form. It is an exciting and dynamic course which looks at current media issues, events and forms, whilst providing an historical understanding of how these forms came into being. There is a robust study of media theory which is applied to these texts and helps the students appreciate how texts are constructed to target different audiences. Students gain an understanding of media language, different types of representations and industry issues. This is achieved through independent research, discussion and practical work – especially for the Non-Examined Assessment.

Course component:

Component 1 - Examination worth 35%
A range of forms and media products in relation to relevant aspects of the Media frameworks.

Component 2 – Examination 35%
An in-depth study into three media forms in relation to the frameworks: television, social media platforms and magazines.

Non Examined Assessment - Component 3 worth 30%
Students choose ONE area: Television, advertising & marketing (Film or music), magazines

A statement of aims and intentions (500 words) and a production aimed at a specified audience

Future Pathways:
• Marketing
• Public/Media Relations
• Television, film and radio - production • Digital media production