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Exam Board - Edexcel A Level

The nature of the course:

This course builds on and extends areas of Mathematics you have seen during your GCSE course as well as introducing new and exciting concepts and ideas. You will cover topics such as Algebra, Quadratics, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Graph Work, Differentiation and Integration. The course is challenging and will require you to have good understanding of abstract concepts as well as being able to apply this understanding to questions which model a real world problem. The course comprises of two parts; the Pure Mathematics content which is worth 66.6% of the qualification, and the Applied Mathematics content testing work on Mechanics and Statistics worth 33.3%. This course is academically challenging - you need to be prepared to work hard to be successful and not give up!

Course components:

Paper 1 Pure Mathematics 33.3% of the course (2 hours) Paper 2 Pure Mathematics 33.3% of the course (2 hours) Paper 3 Statistics and Mechanics 33.3% of the course (2 hours)

Future pathways:
• Accountancy and Finance
• Engineering
• Physics
• Actuarial Science
• Natural Sciences
• Economics