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Joining the Alliance

The Minster Learning Alliance is keen to work with like-minded schools to bring about improvements for all students.  We do not seek to 'recruit' actively to our Alliance and are proud that schools have joined us because they value the opportunities which we can develop together as an alliance in which every school is an equal and active member.

The Minster Learning Alliance welcomes new members any time during an academic year.

A Memorandum of Understanding is issued to new members which sets out the roles and responsibilities between each party within the Alliance.

Who can become a member of the Alliance?

Any school can join the Alliance as long as they share our ethos of collaboration and learning from each other and is a voluntary agreement between schools to work together by way of mutual support.  There are no structural ties, and no element of sponsorship or control. However, Alliance members make a commitment to be active participants, both in terms of engaging in activities as participants and providers.