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Homework is a valuable and essential part of the learning process at the Minster School. In providing a wide range of appropriate home learning activities, the school supports students in the extension and enhancement of their own learning. 

The school uses on online system for the setting of homework, which enables students to keep track of what they need to do.  “Show My Homework” helps students stay on top of their work, supports teachers in making sure students have all the information they need and allows parents/carers to keep track of what needs doing at home.

To log in students should click on the 'log in using office 365 option' and then use their full school email and school password. Parents will need to use the PIN provided to create their own account.


Homework fulfils a number of important functions: 

  • Encouraging students to develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed to study effectively as independent learners.
  • Consolidating and reinforcing knowledge, understanding and skills developed at school. 
  • Extending learning beyond the classroom.

Parents can support learning at home by: 

  • Providing an appropriate study space for home learning tasks.
  • Showing interest, giving advice, guidance, support and encouragement.
  • Where appropriate, actively being involved in specific tasks set.
  • Supporting students in being organised and in meeting deadlines.

The amount of time that students spend completing homework over a fortnight will vary, depending upon the time of year and subject requirements. The amount of time recommended for an individual piece of homework will be outlined within the information in Show My Homework. As a guide, the total amount of time that an average student will spend completing homework is below for your information:

Year Group Hours
Year 7 5 - 7 hours
Year 8 6 - 8 hours
Year 9 7 - 9 hours
Year 10 10 - 12 hours
Year 11 12 - 14 hours

Homework is set by teachers when relevant and useful for students and as such these are guidelines, rather than minimum or maximum amounts.