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English Language

Exam Board - Edexcel A Level

The nature of the course:

Studying Edexcel English Language allows you to analyse the social aspects of language and how our choices are affected by gender, age, occupation and ethnicity. You will undertake your own investigation into how gender is represented in spoken and written texts. You will also explore the development of English over time and consider how and why language has changed. There is also the opportunity for creative writing: you will produce two original pieces within a chosen genre aimed at different audiences. English Language encourages you to ask important questions and to challenge accepted views about how we shape our identity through the words we choose.

Course components:

Component 1: Language Variation Examination worth 35%.
Component 2: Child Language Examination worth 20%.
Component 3 Investigating Language Examination worth 25%

Component 4: Crafting Language Non-Examined Assessment worth 20%

Future pathways:

English A level can lead on to careers in:

• Teaching
• Journalism
• Law
• Advertising
• Publishing
• Academic research