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Exam Board - AQA A Level

The nature of the course:

Economics is a course that examines macro and microeconomics issues. On a macro level you will study economies as a whole and their key macroeconomic objectives such as low unemployment and steady economic growth. Naturally this will include an analysis of the potential implications of BREXIT. In micro economics you will study the decisions made by individuals and firms. This includes why some industries tend to be dominated by a few large companies, and whether competition suffers as a consequence. It also analysis why individuals make irrational choices e.g. by choosing to lead unhealthy lifestyles or buy cars that pollute their environment.

Course Components:

Paper 1: Markets and Market failure (micro)
Weighting = 1/3
Paper 2: National and international economy (macro)
Weighting = 1/3
Paper 3: Economic principles and issues (a combination of both) Weighting = 1/3

Future pathways:

An Economics qualification can lead on to careers in:
• Accountancy
• Investment banking
• Economics
• Financial risk analyst
• Financial adviser
• Management consultancy