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Drama & Theatre

Exam Board - Edexcel A Level

The nature of the course:

This course is based around practical exploration of texts or ideas. You will gain a thorough understanding of Drama and Theatre, develop your analytical skills and creativity skills and an ability to communicate effectively with others.

Course components:

Unit 1: Devising - Exploration of a performance in light of a practitioner. You must record the process in a portfolio. This is internally assessed and externally moderated worth 40%.

Unit 2: Text in Performance - Group performance from a performance text as a performer or designer. You will perform or design a mono/duo from a different text. This is externally assessed by a visiting examiner worth 20%.

Unit 3: Theatre Maker in Practice - Choice of one set text from six. Must be explored practically. Choice of one set text from nine. Interpretation of the chosen as a director for a contemporary audience in light of a practitioner. Evaluation of a piece of live theatre you have seen. This is a written 2hrs 30mins examination worth 40%

Sec A: Live Theatre Evaluation
Sec B: Questions on a set text
Sec C: Director’s interpretation on a set text

Future pathways:

• Acting
• Directing
• Stage Management
• Marketing
• Law
• Education/Teaching
• Psychology
• Drama Therapy
• Community Arts Worker