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Our 6th form has a strong inclusive Christian ethos in line with the rest of the school. As a Church of England academy we provide regular Acts of collective worship which include opportunities for students to pray and reflect on the themes of the week. These themes are linked to our school Vision of Succeeding Together, our values of Wisdom, Optimism, Resilience, Kindness and Service as well as key calendared events such as Christmas and Easter.

We believe that these values help students to explore the Christian faith whilst being fully accessible to those of different faiths and no faith. Our aim is to provide an environment where all are welcomed and included.

As a Church school we also ensure that students study Religious Studies up to and including Post 16. All students take a course of Faith, Culture and Life in the 6th form. These lessons encourage them to explore key religious, philosophical and ethical issues and are delivered by an experienced team of teachers. For more information regarding Faith, Culture and Life please see the school's RS Policy which can be found here: download.asp (

We also believe in promoting spirituality throughout the curriculum and ensuring that there are multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate Courageous advocacy in what they do. This is a central part of life as a 6th form student and is evident in the wider opportunities that we provide.

For more detail on these please use the Wider Opportunities link or explore the Spiritual Curriculum page in the Curriculum section of this website here: The Minster School - Spiritual