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Exam Board - OCR A Level

The nature of the course:

Chemistry is a course that combines theory and practical work to develop your knowledge and understanding of the natural world, our environment and modern innovations that enhance the quality of our lives. Chemistry has a direct impact upon daily life, from the foods we eat and medicine we take, to the materials and technologies in our home and the environment we live in. In Year 1 you will study the fundamental principles of chemistry, organic chemistry and the periodic table and energy. In Year 2 you will study physical chemistry and transition elements together with organic chemistry and analysis. Practical skills are assessed throughout the course and a Practical Skill Endorsement is awarded on successful completion.

Course components:

Exam 1: Periodic table, elements and physical chemistry Examination worth 37%.
Exam 2: Synthesis and analytical techniques Examination worth 37%.

Exam 3: Unified chemistry Examination worth 26%.

Future pathways:

Chemistry A level can lead on to careers in:
• Medicine
• Dentistry
• Pharmacy
• Veterinary Science
• Chemical Engineering
• Forensic Science