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Government Announcement - Exam results

Late on Tuesday 11th August the government announced changes to the appeals system for the awarding of exam grades this year.

In a statement the Secretary of State for education said "Students could accept their calculated grade, appeal to receive a valid mock result, or sit Autumn exams."  The government's information can be read in full below. 

This announcement came as a surprise to us and no specific information has been provided as to which mock results can or cannot be used in an appeals process, although from the statement it appears that the government have just tasked Ofqual to produce a process.

Students in exam cohorts will be able to collect their calculated grades on results days (Thursday 13th August for A Level,  Thursday 20th August for GCSE), as set out in earlier emails from Mr Partridge.  The e-mail also included information about how to apply to take an exam in October in order to seek an improved grade in a subject.

At this stage we do not have full details for the process of an appeal based on mock results. It is possible that exam boards may require mock examinations to have met particular criteria to allow them to be used in an appeal. As soon as we have any further details on this we will communicate it with you. 

For those awaiting results we will send out the mock results achieved earlier in the year for reference. 

In some practical or modular subjects students would not have sat mock examinations to avoid disruption to their work at the time. We are awaiting further information about any additional routes for appeal there may be in these subjects.

We will do our very best to support students and families in coming weeks in what appears to be a very turbulent situation.  Our priority is to support those receiving their results, celebrating successes, finding good ways forward for those with concerns and challenging outcomes as necessary.  Our team will be onsite on results days to see what we can do to help and advise.

Wishing all those awaiting their results every success.

Mr Parris

Head Teacher